Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Interview with Pop Rocks Pioneer Marv Rudolph

Show Notes: Still playing catch up on the show notes. Alright, Pop Rocks...I really like doing this kind of episode. Stuff like Pop Rocks, Underoos and Encyclopedia Brown might not get as many listener as the TV and movie related shows, but I think they give this site its character. The idea is to give you guys a mix of cool retro topics unlike anywhere else on the web.

As far as this particular interview goes, Marv brought a few different things to the table. One is that he was obviously there for the development of Pop Rocks so he could talk from first hand experience, which is what we like around here. On top of that though, because of his book, he's become a bit of a Pop Rocks historian and was able to fill in the pieces that he wasn't involved with. In this case, the full story spans a whole lot of years, so that was cool. And of course, he also has the chemistry background which is a first for this show and kind of fun to hear him explain the Pop Rocks explosion rumors from a scientific angle.

Hope you liked it. If you haven't heard it yet, have a listen. And if you want to know more about the story of one of the coolest candies of all time, check out Marv's book.

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