Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cool Off With a Chipwich

It's hot out there this week. We're talking triple digits in some parts of the West and so hot in the East that New York City is on blackout watch. No doubt people everywhere are heading for their freezers or running for the ice cream truck. (I'm sorry, but if you don't still get at least a little excited when you hear the ice cream truck coming, you're not someone I want to associate with!)

Lots of choices my friends: the ice cream sandwich, the fudgsicle, the creamsicle, the chocolate eclair. But I ask you, is there any more reliable than the Chipwich? Such a simple idea. Such a classic. That's why I was so surprised when I learned that the Chipwich has only been on the market for about 25 years. Seriously, can you imagine a time without the Chipwich? (Yes, as someone who's been known to down one or two before noon, I may be a little biased.)

I was also happy to find out that despite being currently produced by Nestle, the Chipwich was not created in a big corporate boardroom, but by a regular guy right here in New York. It started in a small ice cream shop, gained a following in push carts around the city and then invaded freezers everywhere. It's often duplicated, but there's only one original. Despite the fact that he's no longer directly involved with the product he put on the map, Chipwich inventor Richard LaMotta (seen with his stand) was nice enough to share his cool story on this scorching summer day.

Have a listen...

Links: Chipwich, myStudentBiz
(Photos courtesy of Richard LaMotta)


Anonymous said...

Just released- here is the next "chipwich":


And they're from NJ too!

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