Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Interview with Stephen Furst of Animal House

Show Notes: Fell a little behind on the show notes. So, last week's podcast with Stephen Furst... What can you say? An incredibly memorable character in one of the all time great comedies. Not to mention one of the key roles in The Dream Team as well as St. Elsewhere, which we only touched on. Pretty much an ideal type of guest for this show.

Was there as much story telling and as many specific memories as the three shows before it? No. But then again, I feel like I'd gotten spoiled a few weeks in a row with guests who really brought the goods. And let's not forget, this movie was filmed over 35 years ago, so we're going back a little further. Also, it sounds like there was just less off camera antics than people might have expected from this movie. Or at least less that Stephen took part in anyway.

This type of interview is easy and hard at the same time in that it's such a classic with so many memorable moments, but at the same time, that makes it pretty tough to ask a lot of original questions. What was great about Stephen is that even though he's probably had to talk about a lot of this many times before, he still did it with a genuine enthusiasm. And there were definitely a few interesting things in there that I wasn't aware the Animal House connection to his kidney transplant and the phone call he got from Belushi shortly before his death. Plus, he held his own with the trivia questions I threw at him. (shout out to my sister for the suggestion)

By the way, when I first talked with him, he told me one of the reasons he agreed to do this is because he has a podcast of his own and he knows what it's like to try to get guests to come on for interviews. So yeah, once again, really nice guy! Check out his podcast.

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