Tuesday, September 4, 2007

20 Years of "The Secret of My Success"

True story. Some years back, I desperately wanted a job on “Spin City.” So I did what any good career counselor would tell you. I stuck my face in a copy machine and made a “business card” like Brantley Foster did when he was trying to get a job in “The Secret of My Success.” I took that and a resume and sent it over to Michael J. himself. Oh yeah, and just to give it that extra bit of credibility, I spent fifteen bucks to have a bike messenger deliver it to the studio. Every now and then you hear of this sort of thing working. If it does, you’ve got a great story for your first DVD commentary as a director. If not, you’re in borderline stalker territory. Luckily, no charges were pressed.

Years later, I’m still a huge fan of Michael J. Fox, and I still enjoy “The Secret of My Success.” For that reason, I’m downright ashamed that your friendly host missed the 20th anniversary of the movie’s release this past April. To make up for that inexcusable oversight, Just My Show celebrates today, the 20th anniversary of the film’s release in Finland! Of course, it's no fun to celebrate alone, so Just My Show caught up with Carol Ann Susi, who fans of the movie will remember well as Carlton Whitfield's secretary Jean. TV fans will also remember Carol Ann for her guest spot on one of "Seinfeld's" most memorable episodes. Have a listen...
(DVD cover art courtesy of Universal Home Video)

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