Friday, November 20, 2009

Dr. Mel Silver "Very Upset" About Jackie Taylor's Passing on 90210 Spin-Off

In case any old school 90210 fans aren't staying up to date with the WB spin-off, here' something that might get your attention. Jackie Taylor is dead! One of the few original characters in the current show, Jackie passed away in this week's episode with Kelly and Erin by her side. Given the gravity of the situation, Just My Show couldn't help but place a call to our old friend Matthew Laurance, better known as Jackie's ex, Dr. Mel Silver.

You didn't hear it Tuesday night on the WB, but you'll hear it here: "I was very upset to hear about Jackie's passing," Dr. Mel told me. "It's almost too emotional for me to talk about." As for their rocky past, he went on to say, "I've always regretted and been deeply upset by what happened between us."

Make sure to listen to the upcoming episode of Just My Show to hear Dr. Mel's entire tearful reaction in "New News About Old Stuff". Update: Now available for listening!


Sherri said...

RIP Jackie!

Anonymous said...
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