Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving's" Sally "Very Grateful" to be Part of History

"I just feel like I was a part of magic," Hilary Momberger told Just My Show earlier this week. As a kid, Momberger provided the voice of Sally in several Peanuts cartoons - most notably, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which is set to air tomorrow night at 8pm on ABC.

These days, Momberger is a model and script supervisor, with a long list of credits including Being John Malkovich, Gray's Anatomy and The West Wing. No matter what she's doing now though, she's still appreciative of her involvement in the 1973 holiday classic: "Looking back, being a part of history...such an amazing cartoon. I feel very grateful."

You can hear more of Hilary's Sally Brown memories in the "New News About Old Stuff" segment of this week's podcast.

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