Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interview with Barry Williams AKA Greg Brady

Show Notes: This one was a long time in the making. I've done work over at Barry's site for a while, so it was nice to finally have him over here at JMS. We've met and spoken before, but not a whole lot and definitely not about The Brady Bunch to this extent.

This is a very tough one in that there's obviously not much he hasn't been asked before about the show. Plus, so much of it is covered in his book Growing up Brady. That said, he spoke with a lot of enthusiasm as if he was talking about some of this stuff for the first time, which I appreciated. He did a good job of expanding on ground that has been previously covered and spoke pretty openly about his and other cast member's feelings on being associated with the show. Bottom line, he's one of TV's most well known characters on a show that pretty much everyone grew up watching, so it was great to have him.

As the new format of the show develops, I'm really liking the news reads more and more. It's been a great way to cover more topics while still keeping the show to a reasonable time and also including some fun cameos. I'm hoping you guys liked the Saved by the Bell coverage, especially the commentary by the one and only Johnny Dakota, who was very cool to talk with. I plan on doing much more of that kind of thing as news permits.

If you haven't already heard the interview, take a listen. And make sure to visit Barry over at The Greg Brady Project.

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