Monday, June 14, 2010

Namely Nostalgic: More Than A Humorist

I find it interesting when you come across those with talent and creativity exhibiting their gifts in multiple forms. For those with such abilities, it must be a relief to be able to express themselves in changing ways and find similar if not equal satisfaction in both. As rewarding as it is to obtain pleasure, recognition and praise in one field, to receive it in two is presumably more fulfilling. One of the best examples of this is with the actor/comedian Martin Mull.

I was first introduced to him, like many others, on the sitcom Roseanne. Mull played the title character's boss Leon Carp for six seasons. Before and since then he has provided his talents in an impressive number of sitcoms as well as voice over work in cartoons. His comedic talents on the stage go back even further in time; including his collaboration with fellow actor/comedian Fred Willard. However, it is also his talent as an artist that really casts him into a category reserved for those true interpreters of the scenic world.

After visiting the Hammer Gallery online, which showcases some of Mull's work, I think you'll come away with the understanding that Martin Mull has an incredibly gifted talent at portraying his own interpretations of the everyday in a blissfully skillful way that certainly owes its execution to the steady hand and eye of both the well trained and naturally blessed artist. But actually it wasn't until I sat down and watched a fantastic interview Mull did with my new favorite interviewer that I was able to get the whole story.

That interviewer is the talented Kevin Pollak. As a gifted vocal impressionist and actor, Pollak has had me fixated on his little slice of the entertainment world online in what he calls his Chat Show. If you have any interest in learning about the artistic career of Martin Mull, in all of its forms, and the careers of dozens and dozens of other talented and creative people, stop by his official web site. The link is for Martin Mull's interview, but you'll also find a drop down list of all of Pollak's chat shows. What you will come away with is the awareness that talented and creative people do often express their abilities in more than the one form you are probably most familiar with. And that is something that I think is an interesting and exciting realization.

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