Friday, September 25, 2009

JMS Has A New Look!

Check it out! In anticipation of the exciting second half of our fourth season, got a bit of a makeover. Aside from just freshening up the look of the site, the goal is to give you more reasons to keep coming back.

Reason number one to stop by the site will, of course, remain the same type of hard hitting interviews that uncovered one of the alternate band names that lost out to Wang Chung, the reason Encyclopedia Brown's rates haven't increased, and whether it was Scott Schwartz's real tongue that got stuck to the flagpole in A Christmas Story. Beyond that though, we're giving you more reasons to stop by often...

An expanded section of "New News About Old Stuff" featuring the latest breaking retro pop culture headlines, our weekly retro TV pick right on the main page, and yes, more action right here in the Just My Show blog.

Oh yes, and as I just tweeted (follow JMS on Twitter!), Just My Show is now the proud owner of the alternate web address Big things are happening! I'm excited to have you along for the ride. Thanks for stopping by.

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