Sunday, April 26, 2009

Interview with Jeremy Licht of The Hogan Family

Show Notes: Jeremy Licht is hands down one of the nicest people I've interviewed in the history of this show. I know I say nice things about most of my guests here in the blog, and I'm not lying. Most of the people I talk with for the show are incredibly cool, but Jeremy is an over the top good guy, which I hope comes through in the interview.

As far as the actual discussion goes, I've gotten spoiled lately. Once again, I lucked out with another guest who came in with a lot of enthusiasm (even though he's doing something very different these days) as well as a lot of good insight and specific memories. In fact, he cleared up a rumor or two that I haven't seen explained anywhere else on the web. If you're a fan of The Hogan Family, I think you'll really like this one. If you haven't already, check it out! And if you're in need of some financial planning, make sure to check out Jeremy's company, JL Capital Management.

And by the way, just to add my two cents to the Valerie Harper discussion...I had the chance to interact with her very briefly when I was working on a project she was starring in. I was only there for a few days and had just a couple of VERY brief encounters with her. For what it's worth though, as probably the single lowest level person on the set those days, she could not have been nicer to me.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interview, I enjoyed it immensely. I'd really love to hear an interview with Danny Ponce too!