Thursday, March 20, 2008

JMS on Thunder Rock Radio This Friday

Just My Show will be back on Thunder Rock Radio this Friday night at 10pm/ET. This week, they'll be running three of our interviews all relating to "The Day the Music Died"...

-Lou Diamond Phillips in his JMS interview from last summer about the 20th Anniversary of "La Bamba," the film that put him on the map
-Tommy Allsup (Buddy Holly's guitarist and the guy who lost the coin toss to Ritchie Valens for a spot on the tragic flight) from his JMS blog interview last summer
-Peggy Sue Gerron (as in Buddy Holly's classic song "Peggy Sue") from our very first bonus interview over two years ago

Thunder Rock did a great job dropping in music throughout their broadcast of my Gary Sandy ("WKRP") interview, so I would expect to hear lots of great tunes from Buddy and Ritchie Friday night. Check it out!

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