Sunday, September 16, 2007

Great Sports Reading

Pop culture fans love lists. Time magazine just put one out with the 100 Best TV Shows of All Time and The Patriot Ledger's celebrating back to school with their list of the top 20 high school movies of all time.

If you're a sports fan and like this sort of thing, make sure to check out Lester's Legends Sporting Blog. Aside from his great sports commentary, Lester's been busy putting together all kinds of creative lists that you can feel free to debate by leaving comments. The categories include everything from all decade teams to the all time left handed MLB team, to his new kick of ranking all time teams by geographical region of birth. The lastest, the all time Pennsylvania born players, is also published on associated content. We of course love it because his all time teams have some great names from the past. Retro readers will also like The Making of Lester's Legends series for some old school stories you can probably relate to.

Lester's a long time friend, so I could be biased. Other people seem to agree though as he's the most viewed blogger over at The SportingNews.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric. Your check is in the mail. Kidding aside, thank you for the kind words.


Mo Morrissey said...

Lester is fantastic and it's great to see him get some press!

Brenda said...

Great work.

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